I am currently (Winter 2021/22) teaching a course on Knowledge Politics in Peace and Conflict at FU Berlin.

In the previous semester, I taught a seminar on Conflict, Violence, Justice (in German) for International Relations students at Technical University Dresden (online).

In addition to an introduction to the concept/field of transitional justice, the aim of the course is to look at political interests and conflicts that shape measures that should bring about justice and accountability. In doing so, we look at the levels of domestic and international politics.

The course is divided into two parts, a text work and group work part. For the text work classes, students prepare questions on the required literature, as well as praise and critique. Their notes form the basis for in-class discussions in small groups and in the plenary. During the group work phase of the seminar, the students develop a mandate for a truth commission.

Last year (Winter 2020/21), I have also co-taught a PhD-level seminar on Interview Research at the Berlin Graduate School for Global and Transregional Studies (BGTS). We tackled topics such as why to do interview research, whom to interview and how, how to design questionnaires, practicalities in the field and research ethics, and analysis of interview data.

Classes I previously designed and taught at the University of Marburg include BA and MA-level seminars on transitional justice, a BA-level seminar on complex emergencies and current conflicts, and an MA-level methods workshop on field research.