My research is located at the intersection of peace and conflict studies and international politics. I am broadly interested in (conflictive) internationalised processes of change, (transitional) justice and the production and circulation of knowledge and ideas. I mostly work with interpretive research approaches and collect original data through qualitative methods, such as interviews and (participant) observation. I have mainly done field research in Tunisia and the United States.

Currently, I am exploring the interplay between (supposedly) technocratic and emancipatory struggles for justice against the backdrop of global knowledge orders, and lead the project Knowing Violence, Shaping Justice: Technocratic and Anticolonial Worldmaking at INTERACT. Within the project, Laura Kotzur and I work on a mapping and genealogy of transformative justice struggles.

I am working on a co-authored article on ‘communities of pressure’ (with Anne Menzel), on an article on ‘confined knowledge flows’ (for a special issue edited by Elisa Lopez Lucia and María Martín de Almagro), and on a co-authored article on the politics of navigating institutions (with Felix Anderl). I am also happy to contribute a chapter to Alex Veit’s NIEO2 project, and to a volume on mechanisms and processes in International Relations, edited by Stefano Guzzini and Ned Lebow.




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Chapters and articles


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Online publications, guest contributions, blogs


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